Our Faith

We sometimes describe ourselves as “ordinary people” growing and working together in faith as a church family to serve God’s community.

We don’t tell you what to think or believe. We don’t do guilt. We live the questions with open minds and open hearts.

We express our beliefs in a variety of ways, including worship, fellowship, outreach and contemporary Bible study.

We see spiritual growth as a life-long odyssey and our church as a safe place to question and grow in faith and compassion.

We believe we have a responsibility as Christians to care for one another and the earth.

We want to be spiritually empowered so we can live more meaningfully and helpfully.

We regard our faith as our compass for a healthy, enriched life, not as a book of rigid rules.

Our interpretations of the Bible and its meaning for today are as diverse as we are.

We believe all people, regardless of age, race, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation or religious background are part of God’s community.

We believe Jesus calls us to love God, love people and uphold justice and peace in the world.

We invite you to join us if you’re on a spiritual journey — or looking for community.