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How Grace is responding to covid-19 protocols

With the spread of corona virus infections and deaths across the globe and rising numbers in Canada, this was the week when governments reacted by closing borders while businesses and institutions cancelled events which generate huge crowds.

In Ontario, major sporting, entertainment and cultural events were cancelled and schools shutdown for three weeks. Churches, mosques and synagogues were compelled to cancel services to comply with a provincial guideline against gatherings of more than 50 people.

Below are two letters about the present situation from our minister, Rev. Dr. Susan Eagle, and board chair, Dr. John McLean. Dated March 17, they outline precautions, activity cancellations and health advisories that are being invoked at Grace.

Worship UPDATE at Grace United Church 

 March 17, 2020

To All Grace Family Members:

So much is changing so fast. We have been monitoring what is happening across the country and the region and been updated by health professionals.

All community group and church activity has been cancelled at Grace, including worship services. The church office will remain open for email and telephone communication. The doors will be locked to prevent personal visits.

Nursery and Sunday School have been cancelled, along with Bible Study, the Tuesday night group and Thursday choir rehearsals.

Mindful Moments musical concert after worship has been postponed.

Our strawberry shortcakes sale has been postponed to April 29.

During this coming week we will be making efforts to find ways to reach out online to continue our worship and outreach to the congregation, especially if future worship services are cancelled. Please stay in touch via the church website: and at

Please contact anyone you know who might not be able to receive this email and who might benefit from this notice.

We will continue to update you as we have news and information.

Susan Eagle, Minister &  John McLean, Board Chair

To members of the Grace family:

In the last few days and weeks we have been challenged in unusual ways to understand, interpret and respond to ever-changing news about the Coronavirus, also known as Covid19.

It is changing the way we live and work but also how we worship. With that in mind we have reviewed both Health Unit advice and the Emergency Plan provided by the United Church of Canada

Here is an update about activities at Grace:

Worship services at Grace on Sunday morning have been cancelled.

If you are suffering from any virus type symptoms please stay home until you are feeling better.

If you have travelled outside Canada recently, quarantine yourself until you have been back in the country for two weeks.

We believe that providing a supportive community and worship space is important. But we also recognize the importance of being responsible and vigilant about the health and safety of the members of our Grace family.

Therefore, as we take precautions, we invite you to help us through this difficult time. We are open to your ideas about how we can carry on our ministry and respond to the needs of our community. We will try to keep you updated about activities at Grace though regular emails and also via the church website: and at

If nothing else, the Coronavirus challenge is reminding us that we are one people and that we are all in this together.

The church office will continue to be open, Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., to receive requests, provide information and sell meat pies.

Susan Eagle, Minister &  John McLean, Board Chair





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