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After 20 weeks of video worship services, Grace is going livestream on Sundays at 10:30 a.m. beginning this Sunday (August 2) with Jeffrey Dale conducting the service. While the church remains closed to normal use, a small worship and technical team of fewer than 10 people will be in the sanctuary to bring you a live service that you can watch in the comfort of your home, as you were able to do with the video services.

The live service will be recorded, so if you miss it you can watch it later, as with the videos.  Our live Sunday services will be streamed on YouTube on the Grace UC Barrie channel. 

 You can watch the service by using the above link on this website, by using the link to go directly from your computer or device to YouTube or on Grace’s Facebook page where the link will also be posted.


Click on the word "Vimeo" in lower right corner of video above for previous services.

July 24, 2020

Greetings to All Grace Family Members:

Our records show that this is the 20th congregational update that we are sending out to you. We never expected to be doing this for so long! By the end of August we will have been out of the sanctuary and church building for six months.

The good news is that we are still hopeful that we will have some time together in the early fall. And the other good news continues to be the way in which everyone has pitched in to find ways to keep us connected. Let us not get despondent now. Our love and care and concern for one another is bigger than any pandemic.

If you are struggling just now or need more support, please let us know. At times we all need a helping hand or a warm voice (even if it can’t be a warm hug). We continue to be the Grace family and whatever is happening to you matters to us. So, please stay connected and stay in touch.

Worship this Sunday

This Sunday we will worship outside again—from the Bracebridge area this time. What a wonderful month to have been able to get outdoors for taping worship services! 

We also have some folks we want to acknowledge this week, including our Youth Ministries Coordinator, Jeffrey Dale.

Our worship service can be accessed through the Grace website, Facebook and YouTube. Click on the links below.

Website Facebook YouTube

Previous services can be viewed through Facebook or YouTube, or by clicking on the word “VIMEO” in the lower right-hand corner of the video picture on the Grace website.

Worship Guest Ministers

Susan will be on holiday for the month of August. Guest ministers who will be conducting worship during that time will be livestreaming the service from the sanctuary. (The current worship Tech Team that has been taping the worship services is going on holidays, too. Thanks to Don Lynn for taking over the livestreaming!)

During August, the livestreamed worship will be shared “live” at 10:30 am each Sunday. It will also be simultaneously taped, so it can still be viewed any time following the live service. Whether “live” or later, the service will continue to be viewed through the church website, Facebook or YouTube.

Our guest preachers for August are as follows:

Sunday, August 2 Jeffrey Dale

Sunday, August 9 Rev. Evelyn McLaughlin

Sunday, August 16 Rev. Carol Galbraith

Sunday, August 23 Jeffrey Dale

Sunday, August 30 Rev. George Moore

Sunday, September 6 Rev. Claude Cox

We very much appreciate the support we are receiving in the raising of funds for the livestream cameras. The cameras have been installed and our livestream techies are getting up to speed with the new technology. If you are interested in getting trained to help with the livestreaming, please be in touch with Don Lynn at 705.534.7008.

Message from the Board Chair

I have noticed that not everyone who has been coming into the church to do the church’s good business has been signing their time IN and OUT in the book on the table at the east entrance. It is imperative that we all do so. The reason: Should anyone who has been in the church contract COVID19, the Public Health Department will want to know who has been at the church, when they were there and for how long. With this information, they can do effective tracking and notify those who may be affected. As a large institution, if we fail to adhere to these regulations, in times such as this, there could be quite negative consequences for us. Thanks so much.

Book Club

The Book Club, reviewing the book “White Fragility” (with several United Churches participating) will meet again on Wednesday, July 29. Please check the attached poster and use the Zoom link if you plan to participate.

Vacation Bible Camp: Calling all children, ages 5–12

Our Vacation Bible Camp with the theme of “Hidden Treasure” has a new date!!!

Monday, August 10, from 10 am to 11 am!!

The program will include storytelling, music, dancing—and of course crafts.

Registration forms are now available on the church website. Please go online to register. Once registered, the children will receive a camp package to use during the online program.

Deadline for registrations is August 5.

For more information, please contact the church office (705.734.0760 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Prayer List

As always, we have Prayer concerns to share with you. Please see the attached list and keep those individuals and families in your prayers.

Rev. Susan & Dr. John

705.792.9267 home 705.734.0760 church office
705.817.3402 cell

Vacation Bible Camp

Register now for the August 10 online children's Vacation Bible Camp. The program includes storytelling, music, dancing and crafts. Once registered, you will receive a package to use during the online program, which runs from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.

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