April 9, 2021  update

Greetings, Grace Family Members:

We are officially back to a Stay-At-Home Order. For some of us that won’t make much of a difference—either because we were already staying home and only going out for basic necessities, or because we have essential employment or school attendance that is not affected by the provincial order. However, we are concerned that we all comply with this new health measure in whatever way we can.

At Grace, we will continue to keep the building in “lockdown” mode with the only entry being that of the few people who are preparing and presenting Sunday worship services, or those doing security checks and emergency repairs. So again, we are asking that you not visit the church building unless it is for one of those essential purposes.

For now, the Georgian FoodLocker drop-off outside the church building will continue, but we ask that you not make it a special trip, but include it with an essential grocery visit that would take you out of the house anyway. As COVID-19 numbers climb in Simcoe Muskoka, we are concerned that we in no way contribute to any trips out that don’t need to be made.

If we can all work at this together, we can ensure that Wave 3 comes to a speedy end and that there is no Wave 4. Please stay in touch and let us know how you are doing.

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