Our Organist

organist debbie poole

Debbie Poole is a musician, singer and music teacher. She has been Grace's pianist and organist since December 2006, contributing not only to Sunday worship but also special services and choir rehearsals. Before that, she was the principal musician, cantor and choir leader at Holy Spirit Parish from the spring of 2004 to Christmas 2006.

She has sung in the Lyrica, Bravado and King Edward choirs and has performed as a soloist for church services throughout the Barrie area.

As an Associate of the Royal Conservatory of Music and member of the Ontario Music Teachers' Association, Debbie is a certified piano teacher and vocal performance instructor. She has taught music for 23 years to students of all ages, including at her own studio. In addition to helping students progress in their private studies, she prepares them for competitions, examinations and auditions. Debbie is a native of Barrie and a Georgian College business administration graduate.

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