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March 5 Update

Greetings to the Grace Family:

Blessings to you on this World Day of Prayer. Unfortunately, because of pandemic lockdown there is no ecumenical gathering today in the city of Barrie. That is sad news for Grace as we have always been enthusiastic supporters and team organizers for this annual multi-church worship service. It is also sad that we do not get to join with sisters (and brothers) for the fellowship that is always a big part of the event.

But that does not stop us from praying for each other and for the country that was chosen for 2021 which is Vanuatu. Do you know where to find Vanuatu?

It is a small country of islands located in the South Pacific Ocean. The islands have a pristine environment of black-and-white sandy beaches, coral reefs with coloured fish, lovely birds, and fruits and nuts in the forest. However, the islands of Vanuatu are also vulnerable to frequent tropical storms, earthquakes, cyclones, tsunamis and active volcanoes. And for the population there are many challenges such as malnutrition and lack of arable land.

May we keep the people of Vanuatu in our prayers as we continue our Lenten journey together.

Rev. Susan & Dr. John

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