Glimpse of Grace

We’re a friendly, welcoming, inclusive church. We don’t tell you what to think or believe. We don’t do guilt. We live the questions with open minds and hearts. Please join us if you’re on a spiritual journey or looking for community.

January 15 Update

Greetings to All Grace Family Members:

In compliance with provincial directives, the Grace building is once again closed except for necessary maintenance and Sunday livestream services. We are keeping our outdoor lights up a bit longer this year as we remember Epiphany is a season of light. The symbol of light is especially welcome during this pandemic lockdown.

A closed building, however, does not stop us from being a warm, close and friendly church family. And so we are seeking your assistance in helping us with that important task. If you know of someone who is ill, lonely, or just feeling a bit blue, please let us know. If you know of someone who would like a “virtual visit,” please pass on the information. It is important that we find multiple ways to stay in touch with each other as we deal with the dark, cold days of winter.

We are also exploring some “fellowship times” that might happen through Zoom gatherings or conference call. If you would like to be part of that, please let us know. If you have suggestions for new and creative ways for us to “gather virtually,” we would love to hear your ideas.

God’s creative spirit nurtures us as we reach out to care for one another. Please see below for Grace news and updates.

Rev. Susan & Dr. John

705.792.9267 home; 705.734.0760 church office; 705.817.3402 cell


Monday, February 8 has been set as the deadline for year-end reports from Team leaders and program convenors. Please send/email reports in to the church office so we can assemble the 2020 Annual Report.

Annual Congregational Gathering: Sunday, February 28 at 3:00 pm via Zoom (you can also join in by telephone). There will be more information about how all this will work.

Year-end tax receipts will be ready shortly and will be mailed out—with thanks to all who helped to support the Grace congregation this year.


This Sunday, January 17

Join us on Livestream as we continue our Epiphany worship theme. This Sunday we will acknowledge Martin Luther King and his work for justice and peace.

Next Sunday, January 24

We will be joined by Rob Murdock, our Youth Ministry coordinator as he shares some stories and thoughts related to youth ministry. We will also celebrate communion together.

To join us by Livestream on Sunday morning at 10:30 am, please click here. If you miss the Livestream, you can always see it later through the Grace website and YouTube.


Outreach Team is looking for someone who would like to represent Grace as part of a local church group that is monitoring city council action for a Supervised Consumption Site for the city. We hope this will be before city council early in the spring.

A Social Justice Issue to address:

With the death of more than 3,000 Ontario long-term care residents due to COVID-19, the Toronto Star has taken the initiative to assist concerned citizens with contacting their elected representatives about this crisis.

Below you will find a link to an online petition that will directly connect you to your elected local representative as well as government leaders. It is heartbreaking to know that thousands of our most venerable and vulnerable citizens suffer unspeakably, often alone and without a voice. This is one way we can all help to make a difference.

Property Team is hard at work taking up the carpet and repainting walls in the church foyer in preparation for new flooring to be ready for our return to the Grace building.

Faith Formation and Christian Education Team (FFCE) is looking for children and youth who might like to know more about a really fun initiative sponsored by the Go Project. It can be done online,
so you can get involved right away.

The FFCE Team is also looking for someone who would like to help care for our Little Library that is housed out on the front lawn of the church.

Help Wanted: Little Library Librarian

We have a little library in front of Grace these days, thanks to the youth group. It seems to be quite well used, but needs weekly/biweekly maintenance to weed out inappropriate/duplicate/excess content. Is this a little project that might interest you? Want to know more? Contact Bette McCracken at 705.721.5156.

Worship Team is looking for more people who would like to help out with Tech work, or have creative ideas for worship services. If you love to sing, Worship Team would like to know about that, too!

Broadview Magazine Subscription Renewal

Current or potential new subscribers to this United Church national magazine, please contact Thelma Arnott at 705.739.1482 to know more about this and/or to arrange to pay your annual subscription of $25.


Sunday, January 17 at 1 p.m. – World Religion Day, Barrie

ZOOM and Facebook Live
Theme: “I AM” (Interconnected, Aware, Mindful)

Info: Ms. Khorshid Ighani 705.739.4410 Facebook page @ BARRIE WRD

Monday, Jan. 18 and Tuesday, Jan. 19 from 7–9 pm – Safer Spaces Training

Together with other United Churches in Barrie, Grace is participating in Safer Spaces training sponsored by the Gilbert Centre. If you are interested in being trained or know of someone who is, please be in touch with Bette McCracken at 705.721.5156 or Rev. Susan at 705.792.9267 for more information. Limited spaces available.

 Weekly Zoom Activities – To join the following, please contact:

Tuesday Night Progressive Theology Group, Bette McCracken, 705-721-5156

Wednesday Morning Bible Study, Nancy Drury, 705-721-0578

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday Mornings exercises, including circuit and cardio, Doreen Fernandes, 705-728-5815,


For updates or additions, email the Grace Office or call Barb Mercer at 705.728.6734.

For more information about meetings and activities, or sharing news,

email or call 705.734.0760.


Monday & Wednesday 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. Friday 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.